Our services include both liquid spray painting and powder coating.  We offer a wide variety of colors and effects and anything we don't have in stock may be custom ordered to fit your needs.

We handle everything from prep to packing. 

  • All of our parts are prepped appropriately and professionally assuring quality adhesion and finish,  whether they need to be sand blasted, chemically stripped, or run through our neutral/acid wash cycle.
  • All parts are masked according to your specifications, with custom masking available.
  • Everything is painted and coated by trained and experienced professionals, providing you with a quality finish.
  • All parts are inspected and safely packed ready to make the trip to your shop or your customer.
  • Our fast turn around times keep our customers happy.  If our normal turn around schedule doesn't fit your needs we are more than happy to work with you to figure out an expedited schedule.

No Parts Leave Our Doors That We Are Not Fully Satisfied With.

Cramer Tech Coating

(734) 662-9315

6055 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor Mi.

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